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The big lie about vinyl ester gel coats for fiberglass swimming pool resurfacing and Bill Nash and UGlassit and Fibershell coats, who has a history with pool failures…read the new world of polymers

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Welcome to Fiberglass Swimming Pool Resurfacing, your source for DIY pool resurfacing. Our unique swimming pool product is the perfect DIY solution to all your fiberglass pool repair problems. Our epoxy forms both a physical and chemical bond with your pool that will seal your pool, while refinishing it with a sleek new interior finish. Now you can handle your own pool repairs and save thousands over hiring a fiberglass pool repair contractor. UltraGuard has been a leader in DIY fiberglass pool repair and resurfacing for over a decade. Our products are independently tested for quality and functionality. We have The Best, no nonsense warranty in the pool industry today with No gimmicks – No exclusions – No opt out clauses – No limited protection – No exclusionary justification. This WARRANTY is the real deal! I am committed to helping you prep the pool and apply the our system as if I was literally in the pool with you. Your success is about using the products and proper methods for repairs and resurfacing that only we can deliver. You can do it, we can help!


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As a DIY pool restoration and a DIY fiberglass swimming pool resurfacing you save thousands of dollars directly buying from us or have a local contractor, even a house painter, apply it for you and get the best, no non-sense pool warranty recognized by the BBB.

Since 2001, UltraGuard has been Americas #1 quality tested, proven product, used by nearly 5000 happy customers. UltraGuard is a super epoxy; the ultimate fiberglass swimming pool restoration product.

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